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Canadian Champion
Westbrook Sensation

Cindy is visiting Suzi Beacham
of Shalamar Shelties
and is having a ball!
Look what they just did...

Cindy & Suzie
Stay tuned for more wins like this!!

Cindibaitng2.jpg (26710 bytes)

Cindimvnga.jpg (7269 bytes)
What a mover and a shaker!

Other shots with her other fav buddy,
Bob Picorillo of Rapporlee Shelties!

Cindy's first points

Just showing pretty...

Close up of Cindy posing for Bob

taking her cues like a good little girl

Click here to see some candids of Cindy's mom & dad -
quality runs in her family!

Natty & Lincoln

Cindy's Pedigree


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