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Other sites you really should visit...
all are favorites of mine.
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The Shetland Sheepdog List
for folks who like to chat about all things sheltie!
LOTS of fun!!

The Dog Owner's Guide
Just another great place to visit for doggie info.

Acme Pet
Tons of links, event listings, vaccination schedule, breeder info, you name it and then some!

The American Kennel Club
AKC's Home Page. Info on breeds and upcoming shows.

Dogs in the United Kingdom
Visit the beautiful country of England & link up to Pubs that have a thing for dogs!!

Dog Breeder's Network
Very, very nice place forbreeders to showcase their breeding programs - photos & story pages included.

Pet-Loss Support Page
Recently lost a pet? This page will help.

Save-A-Pet On-line
Animal resuce ~ at its best!

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