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Beauideal  Shelties

Autumngold (ON)
Classy (PQ)
Hidyho (NS)
Holesome (BC)
Rumors (ON)
Sealoch (Nova Scotia)
Shelhaven (Kingston,Ontario)
Silversong (PE)
Taylormaid (Nova Scotia)

Canadian Rescue

Doebler´s Sheltie Homepage 
Gardenia Garden's

USA (West)

USA (Central)

USA (East)

Iona (ID)
IvanLee (OR)
Karosel (CA)
Medley (NM)
Primo Shelties (CA)
Tamara (CA)
Timberleaf (CA)
Valinor Shelties (CO)
Winrose Shelties


Aristar (MO)
Chances 'R (IN)
Corbett Shelties (TX)
Daystar (MO)
Dakota Wind (SD)
Fireside Shelties (MO)
Kaytel Shelties (IL)
Kazon (MO)
Oakdale (MO)
Rapporlee (KS)
Shiloh (KS)
Wildrose (TN)
Wildwind (TX)

Brookfield (NY)
Cathance (ME)
Logan Isle (FL)
Foremost (FL)
Heartlake (PA)
Heart oGold (VA)
Kimark (NY)
Kry'san (FL)
Ruffian (PA)
Stoney Acres (NY)
Summerlove (FL)
Twilight (NY)
Zion (CT)

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Join the Shetland Sheepdog List

The Rescue List

The AKC Shetland Sheepdog Breed Standard
The official sheltie standard of the American Kennel Club and very similar
to the CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) standard.

The Sheltie Fluff Page

OFA Statistics - Marie Vihonsky

Sheltie International Dog Magazine Home Page

Sheltie Books

Sheltie Agility

Sheltie Creations In Wood....SUPER SITE


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