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Ch. Autumn Oak's Someday Soon
Daystar Country Charm

From a precocious little 8 week old,

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To a beautiful young lady...
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These shots are at 9 months!
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Handler, Michelle Smith
Judges: Mrs Lois Wolff White &  Mr. David Lee

At 9 months had >2< Back to Back
Winner's Bitch wins over several open bitches!

then on

Saturday 5/29/99 Central Wyoming Kennel Club
     Judge Mrs Janet R Wilcox
     Angie got 12 to 18 class 1st, WB/BW/BB

     Sunday 5/30/99 Laramie Kennel Club (1)
     Judge (Breed and Group) Mrs Mildred K Bryant
     Angie got 12 to 18 class 1st, WB/BW/BB/G4

     Monday 5/31/99 Laramie Kennel Club (2)
     Judge Mrs Judith A Goodin
     Angie got 12 to 18 class 1st WB/BW/BB

Look for her picture in the Sheltie International!

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more pictures of Angie - at the St. Louis Specialty Show 3/2000
She is proudly co-owned with
Ralph Temperly, Valinor Shelties
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